Treeline series

Ellen has recently designed the Treeline lamp series for indoor use.  The Treeline series is inspired by how natural light shines through the trees during different seasons of the year, casting shadows on the ground.

The lamp shown here is the Treeline winter lamp – it represents moonlight shining through bare winter trees, casting a shadow on the white snow.

The lamp is made from hand-brushed steel with a birch plywood screen that casts a tree shadow pattern.  It is the first in a series of seasonal inspired lamps.  The brush-stroked steel of the winter lamp represents ice crystal patterns.  The lamp purposely has a raw look to display the honest nature of the materials themselves. It is ideal for retail and public spaces, hotels and restaurant applications. The wooden shade can be redesigned into many different patterns and even logos.


The Treeline winter lamp is manufactured by:
Flúrlamplar ehf., Kaplahraun 20, 220 Hafnarfjordur, Iceland
(email: ,